Chapter Info
Chapter: 4
Story Arc: White Joker Arc
Japanese Title: 助手
Romanized Title: Joshu
Total Pages: 19
WSJ Issue: Issue 1-2012
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Assistant is the fourth chapter of Tabata Yuuki's Hungry Joker series.


After the battle at the hospital, Chitose decided to quit being Haiji's assistant. She no longer wants to be put in danger by being associated with the Eurekas and the doctor. The following day, Chitose woke up to see that Haiji is at her house enjoying her mother's cooking. Haiji then asked her mother for Chitose's "hand," in which the latter quickly replied with a yes.

Embarrassed and confused, Chitose dragged Haiji into her room (not without her mother making some suggestive remarks). She asked him if he really liked her. Haiji said no. It turns out that when he asked for her "hand," he was referring to a "helping hand" and not a "hand in marriage." He continued that even though she was a horrible assistant whose knowledge is subpar and that her constant falling over baffles him, she was the catalyst of his research. Before she entered his life, his research of the black apple and glowing corpses were moving at glacial pace. Furthermore, the tea that Chitose makes gives him some warmth, a feeling he never felt before. After hearing all of these, Chitose finally agreed to continue being his assistant and go to UK. However, she suddenly realized that they may not be able to get to the airport in time. Haiji told him that he got it under control. Unbeknownst to her and her mother, Haiji was slowly transporting the entire house to the airport. On the other side of the world, a mysterious man looks over the Pythagorean's Hammer and wonders who will take the bait.