The Man from the Museum
Chapter Info
Chapter: 5
Story Arc: White Joker Arc
Japanese Title: 博物館の男
Romanized Title: Hakubutsukan no otoko
Total Pages: 19
WSJ Issue: Issue 2-2013
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The Man from the Museum is the 5th chapter of Tabata Yuuki"s Hungry Joker series.


Haiji and Chitose visits the Oh'ei Museum to see if the Pythagorean Hammer on display is one of the Eurekas. As luck would have it, Chitose accidently broke the hammer. Alan, the head curator, asked their purpose for coming to the museum. Haiji replied that he wanted to acquire the hammer for his research - the same hammer that was Alan's possession. It turned out that the hammer Chitose broke was a mere replica. As they were about to seriously fight, an unknown girl barged in to the scene. She then asked Haiji: How would you like to join us, “White Joker”, in our task of saving the world?